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最新! OpenResty 已发布。
最新! OpenResty 已发布。
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OpenResty RC2 is out

Johnny Wang , 07 Mar 2022 (created 07 Mar 2022)

We have just kicked out a new release candidate, OpenResty RC2, for the community to test out.

Source package

PGP for this source tar ball:

Windows binary packages

Win64 version:

PGP for the Win64 zip file:

Win32 version:

PGP for the Win32 zip file:


Special thanks go to all our developers and contributors! Also thanks Junlong Li, and Jiahao Wang for their help in preparing this release.

Version highlights

The highlights of this release candidate are:

  • Fixed the bug that posted event handler is called after the event is freed.
  • Fixed pending ngx.pipe until timeout caused by pipe that forgot to close in child process.
  • LuaJIT

Full Change logs

Complete change logs since the last release candidate, RC1:

  • upgraded lua-nginx-module to 0.10.21rc2
    • bugfix: ngx.pipe waits until timeout because child process forgot to close pipe after dup2. Thanks Junlong Li for the patch.
    • bugfix: posted event handler was called after event memory was freed. Thanks Junlong Li for the patch.
  • upgraded luajit2 to 2.1-20220310
    • Fix string buffer COW handling.
    • Fix command-line argv handling.
    • Always exit after machine code page protection change fails.
    • Fix FOLD rule for BUFHDR append with intervening buffer use.
    • Fix compiled error handling for buffer methods.
    • FFI: Ensure library is loaded before de-serializing FFI types.
    • Fix HREFK forwarding vs. table.clear().
    • Fix FOLD rule for BUFHDR append.
    • Fix tonumber("-0") in dual-number mode.
    • Limit work done in SINK pass.
    • Fix ABC FOLD rule with constants.
    • Windows: Fix binary output of jit.bcsave to stdout.
    • Fix FOLD rule for x-0.


Feedback on this new release candidate is most welcome. Feel free to create new GitHub issues or contact us via one of our mailing lists.