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最新! OpenResty 已发布。
最新! OpenResty 已发布。
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Test::Nginx 0.27 Released

Yichun Zhang (agentzh) , 17 Jul 2020 (created 07 Jul 2020)

We have uploaded Test::Nginx 0.27 to CPAN:

It will appear on the CPAN mirror near you in the next few hours or so. After that, you can install the module like below

sudo cpan Test::Nginx

or better, when you have the App::cpanminus module already installed:

sudo cpanm Test::Nginx

Special thanks go to all our contributors and developers!

Full Change logs

Here's the complete change log for this release (compared to the last CPAN release, 0.26):

  • feature: added the --- reload_fails new section to skip checking config_version after HUP reload in the HUp reload testing mode.

  • feature: added a "--- gen_dgram_request" section.

  • feature: relaxed the Server response header parsing pattern for extracting the nginx core verison number.

  • bugfix: when --- reload_fails is specified, we did not assume --- no_chck_leak since it would always fail in the check leak testing mode.

  • feature: implemented the --- shutdown_error_log section for checking the error logs generated during nginx exit.

  • feature: added new test mode enabled by the env TEST_NGINX_USE_HTTP2=1 and new section "--- http2", for enabling the HTTP/2 protocol to send the test request.

  • bugfix: when TEST_NGINX_USE_STAP=1 env was specified, the master process would be turned off when for test blocks without actually using --- stap.

  • feature: be more patient to wait for the nginx to start up in profiling and "check leak" test mode.

  • optimize: use perl's own remove_tree() instead of the shell command 'rm -rf' since the latter may use too much memory.

  • feature: added support for the env TEST_NGINX_CHECK_LEAK_COUNT to control how many data points to sample in the "check leak" test mode.

  • feature: now we pass through the MOCKNOEAGAIN_VERBOSE and MOCKNOEAGAIN env to the nginx worker processes by default as well.

  • feature: added support for TEST_NGINX_WORKER_USER env for setting the user account (and user group) for nginx worker processes; defaults to root when the master is run by root.

  • bugfix: the value of env TEST_NGINX_WORKER_USER did not accept a single user name (without a user group name).

  • feature: added support for the --- access_log section for checking access log file content.

  • bugfix: valgrind test mode: we no longer disable nginx master process in this mode.

  • bugfix: we did not clean up nginx's *_cache directories under the server root directory.

  • feature: added support for environment variable TEST_NGINX_REUSE_PORT for enabling the reuseport parameter in the listen directive automatically generated in nginx.conf.

  • feature: we now check for the new "write guard" warning message to detect misuses of lua globals.

  • feature: added the use_hup() Perl utility function.

  • feature: when --- no_error_log fails, we output up to 9 lines of subsequent error log messages for better debuggability (for example, wen can have complete lua backtraces).

  • feature: expanded environment values in --- user_files section.

  • bugfix: when setting TEST_NGINX_USE_HUP=1, some directories could not be cleaned up correctly.

  • feature: implemented the TEST_NGINX_USE_RR=1 env for enabling Mozilla rr to record the nginx server execution.

  • bugfix: increased resiliency in HUP reload mode.

  • feature: added the '--- skip_openssl' section to skip tests depending on the OpenSSL version NGINX was built with.

  • bugfix: ensured we do not remove some files when using HUP mode.

  • bugfix: properly use a concat operator instead of a range.

  • bugfix: ensure servroot is cleaned up when starting NGINX for the first time.

About Test::Nginx

This Perl module provides a test scaffold for automated testing in Nginx C module or OpenResty-based Lua library development.

This class inherits from Test::Base, thus bringing all its declarative power to the Nginx C module testing practices.

All of our OpenResty projects are using this test scaffold for automated regression testing.

Please check out the full documentation on CPAN:

as well as the official user guide in the book "Programming OpenResty":

All of our Nginx modules (as well as our lua-resty-* libraries) are using Test::Nginx to drive their test suites. And it is also driving my test cluster running on Amazon EC2:

Please note that this module is completely different from the Test::Nginx module originally created by Maxim Dounin.

The git repository for this Perl module is hosted on GitHub:


Feedback on this release is more than welcome. Feel free to create new GitHub issues or send emails to one of our mailing lists.