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OpenResty RC3 is out

Johnny Wang , 18 Apr 2022 (created 18 Apr 2022)

We have just kicked out a new release candidate, OpenResty RC3, for the community to test out.

Source package

PGP for this source tar ball:

Windows binary packages

Win64 version:

PGP for the Win64 zip file:

Win32 version:

PGP for the Win32 zip file:


Special thanks go to all our developers and contributors!

Version highlights

The highlights of this release candidate are:

  • LuaJIT
    • Fixed the bug that Lua table iteration terminates early.

Full Change logs

Complete change logs since the last release candidate, RC2:

  • upgraded luajit2 to 2.1-20220411
    • Add missing check for LJ_KEYINDEX in ITERN recording.
    • DynASM/ARM64: Fix NOP instruction for aligment.
    • Fix soft-float IR_POW splitting.
    • Fix BC_UCLO insertion for returns.


Feedback on this new release candidate is most welcome. Feel free to create new GitHub issues or contact us via one of our mailing lists.