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New! OpenResty is now released!
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ChangeLog for 1.25.3.x

Johnny Wang , 12 Jan 2024 (created 04 Jan 2024)

Version - 04 Jan 2024

  • upgraded the Nginx core to 1.25.3.
  • win32/win64:
    • upgraded OpenSSL to 1.1.1w.
    • upgraded Zlib to 1.3.
  • Added support for PCRE2. Thanks swananan for the patch.
  • Added support for lua_ssl_certificate and lua_ssl_certificate_key. Thanks zhangjie for the patch.
  • upgraded lua-nginx-module to 0.10.26
    • optimize: prevent moving the expired item to the LRU queue head during lookup. Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
    • bugfix: fixed a memory leak in the case of dubious connections. Thanks Johnny Wang for the patch.
    • feature: set the HTTP/3 authority as the http_host header. Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
    • feature: add max_bytes argument for get_body_data() function. Thanks masterlvng for the patch.
    • bugfix: failed to build when building without http2 and http3 modules. Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
    • changes: modified read body API limitations for HTTP/2 or HTTP/3 requests. Thanks swananan for the patch.
    • bugfix: resolved a compilation failure with Clang. Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
    • bugfix: fixed compilation error: variable 'nelts' set but not used. Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
    • change: remove from ngx.run_worker_thread. Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
    • bugfix: addressed a use-after-free issue when encountering an invalid HTTP If-Match header. Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
    • optimize: Optimized use of SSL contexts. Thanks Jan Prachař for the patch.
    • bugfix: permitted ngx_http_lua_socket_tcp_bind in ssl_session_fetch_by and ssl_client_hello_by contexts. Thanks willmafh for the patch.
    • bugfix: fixed an issue in ssl_client_hello_by_lua while generating the chunk cache key and chunk name. Thanks mafh for the patch.
    • bugfix: when the value type is SHDICT_TNUMBER, it now correctly retrieves the number field instead of the boolean field. Thanks willmafh for the patch.
    • bugfix: fixed an issue where mixed recv API calls caused unexpected results. Thanks ZongRun for the patch.
    • change: in lua-ssl-protocols, disabled SSLv3 and enabled TLSv1.3 by default. Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
    • bugfix: disabled HTTP/2 during body reads due to an http2 stream processing bug. Thanks Jun Ouyang for the patch.
    • bugfix: improved handling of new list elements. Thanks A compound of Fe and O for the patch.
  • upgraded stream-lua-nginx-module to 0.0.14
    • bugfix: stream server block didn't inherit the log_by_lua* directives configured in stream block. Thanks willmafh for the patch.
    • optimize: now we make use of the new lua_getexdata2 and lua_setexdata2 to attach coctx to the Lua thread objects directly which save the lookup overhead which can become the bottleneck when there are many Lua light threads around in a single request handler. Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
  • upgraded lua-resty-core to v0.1.28
    • optimize: small optimization of ngx.worker.pids() . Thanks Chrono for the patch.
  • upgraded lua-cjson to
    • bugfix: Lua cjson integer overflow issues (CVE-2022-24834). Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
    • feature: updated netlib dtoa.c from Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
    • feature: Add option to skip invalid value types. Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
    • optimization: add void to functions with no arguments to prevent compiler warning. Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
  • upgraded lua-resty-websocket to 0.11
    • bugfix: support socket connection pool and fix repeated ssl_handshake(). Thanks Nathan for the patch.
  • upgraded lua-resty-mysql to 0.27
    • bugfix: ensure packet_no is not nil before proceeding. Thanks AccidentallyTheCable for the patch.
  • upgraded lua-resty-limit-traffic to v0.09
    • refactor: remove unused var. Thanks Abhishek Choudhary for the patch.
  • upgraded memc-nginx-module to 0.20
    • bugfix: corrected overallocations due to sizeof('c') being 4 instead of 1. Thanks наб for the patch.
  • upgraded opm to 0.0.8
    • bugfix: Made compatible with LuaJIT x.y.ROLLING version. Thanks Johnny Wang for the patch.
  • upgraded lua-resty-dns to v0.23
    • feature: Add a cleanup method for destroying the cosocket resources within the resolver object explicitly. Thanks Robin Xiang for the patch.
  • upgraded headers-more-nginx-module to 0.37
    • bugfix: initialized previously uninitialized field h[i]->append. Thanks Johnny Wang for the patch.
    • change: remove the Set-Cookie restriction of -a option. Thanks menglei for the patch.
    • optimize: set r->keepalive 0 to close connection. Thanks Masahiro Nagano for the patch.
    • feature: add append mode for more_set_headers(so far just for Set-Cookie field). Thanks menglei for the patch.
    • bugfix: fixed an unused variable on non-debug builds. Thanks Thibault Charbonnier for the patch.
  • upgraded resty-cli to v0.30
    • feature: add label for resty cmd. Thanks lijunlong for the patch.
  • upgraded ngx_devel_kit to v0.3.3
    • fix compile errors. Thanks lynch for the patch.
  • upgraded lua-tablepool to v0.03
    • optimize: only call cleartab just before we really put it back. Thanks Chrono for the patch.
  • upgraded LuaJIT to v2.1-20231117
    • x86/x64: Don't fuse loads across IR_NEWREF and table.clear.
    • x86/x64: Add more red zone checks to assembler backend.
    • Add stack check to pcall/xpcall.
    • Invalidate SCEV entry when returning to lower frame.
    • FFI: Fix pragma push stack limit check and throw on overflow.
    • ARM64: Fix disassembly of ldp/stp offsets and U12 loads.
    • Check for upvalue state transition in IR_UREFO.
    • x64: Properly fix __call metamethod return dispatch.
    • Windows/x86: _BitScan*64 are only available on 64-bit archs.
    • Add 'cc' file type for saving bytecode.
    • FFI/Windows: Fix type declaration for int64_t and uint64_t.
    • FFI: Fix dangling reference to CType in carith_checkarg().
    • DynASM/ARM64: Support ldp/stp of q registers.
    • ARM64: Use ADR and ADRP to form constants, fix IR_HREF code generation for constant FP keys, and Fuse negative 32 bit constants into arithmetic ops again.
    • ARM64: Unify constant register handling in interpreter.
    • ARM: Fix register hint for FFI calls with FP results.
    • ARM64: Restore fp before sp in C stack unwinders.
    • FFI: Fix ffi.abi("pauth").
    • Maintain chain invariant in DCE.
    • LJ_FR2: Fix stack checks in vararg calls.
    • Follow-up fix for stack overflow handling cleanup.
    • Handle OOM error on stack resize in coroutine.resume and lua_checkstack.
    • Restore cur_L for specific Lua/C API use case.
    • Consistently use 64-bit constants for 64-bit IR instructions.
    • Handle all stack layouts in (delayed) TRACE vmevent.
    • Add missing coercion when recording select(string, ...).
    • Cleanup stack overflow handling.
    • Windows/ARM64: Add MSVC cross-build support for x64 to ARM64, update install docs, fix exception unwinding, and support Windows calling conventions.
    • IR_MIN/IR_MAX is non-commutative due to underlying FPU ops.
    • Windows: Call C++ destructors without compiling with /EHa, Pass scratch CONTEXT record to RtlUnwindEx.
    • ARM64: External unwinder already restores non-volatile registers.
    • FFI: Fix 64-bit shift fold rules.
    • Fix Cygwin build.
    • bugfix: Update s390x support.
    • Allow path overrides in genversion.lua with minilua, too.
    • Improve architecture detection error messages.
    • ARM64: Fuse rotates into logical operands and don't fuse sign extensions into these operands.
    • ARM64: Disassemble rotates on logical operands.
    • ARM: Fix stack check code generation.
    • ARM64: Fix LDP/STP fusion (again), ensure branch is in range before emitting TBZ/TBNZ, improve BC_JLOOP, integer IR_MUL code generation, IR_STRTO, IR_OBAR, IR_UREF, IR_HREF code generation, and Reload BASE via GL.
    • ARM64: Inline only use of emit_loada and Tune emit_lsptr.
    • ARM64: Improve K13 constant rematerialization and register allocation for integer IR_MUL/IR_MULOV.
    • ARM64: Fix register allocation for IR_*LOAD.
    • Update external MSDN URL in code.
    • FFI/ARM64/OSX: Handle non-standard OSX C calling conventions.
    • FFI: Unify stack setup for C calls in interpreter.
    • ARM64: Prevent STP fusion for conditional code emitted by TBAR and Fix LDP/STP fusing for unaligned accesses.
    • Handle table unsinking in the presence of IRFL_TAB_NOMM.
    • Use fallback name for install files without valid .git or .relver.
    • Handle non-.git checkout with .relver in .bat-file builds.
    • Fix external C call stack check when using LUAJIT_MODE_WRAPCFUNC.
    • Fix predict_next() in parser (again).
    • Handle the case when .git is not a directory.
    • Switch to rolling releases: mark v2.1 as production, update build scripts and documentation for rolling releases.
    • MIPS: Fix "bad FP FLOAD" assertion.
    • Ensure forward progress on trace exit to BC_ITERN.
    • ARM64: Add support for ARM64e pointer authentication codes (PAC) and Add instructions for ARM64e PAC in DynASM.
    • Fix maxslots for various bytecode instructions.
    • Fix frame for on-trace error messages and more types of on-trace error messages.
    • Add workaround for bytecode dump of builtins.
    • DynASM: Fix regression due to warning fix.
    • Fix base register coalescing in side trace.
    • ARM64: Fix assembly of HREFK (again) and Fix LDP code generation.
    • PPC/e500 with SPE enabled: use soft float instead of failing.
    • MIPSr6: Add missing files to Makefile install target.
    • Fix frame for on-trace out-of-memory error.
    • Fix handling of instable types in TNEW/TDUP load forwarding.
    • Print errors from __gc finalizers instead of rethrowing them.
    • Fix TDUP load forwarding after table rehash.
    • Fix canonicalization of +-0.0 keys for IR_NEWREF.
    • Improve error reporting on stack overflow.
    • Allow building sources with mixed LF/CRLF line-endings.
    • Don't fail for Clang builds, which pretend to be an ancient GCC.
    • Update lj_parse.c and lj_ccall.c.
    • ppc64le support.