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Commercial Products

lijunlong , 13 Apr 2022 (created 03 Aug 2013)

OpenResty Inc. provides commercial products for OpenResty. The products are also mostly powered by OpenResty itself:

OpenResty XRay

OpenResty XRay is a next generation application performance maanagement (APM) product for OpenResty and other open source software using 100% noninvasive dynamic tracing technologies.

It can automatically monitor, discover, troubleshoot, and suggest fixes for a wide variety of performance and security issues in your running OpenResty applications and other kinds of server applications, including but not limited to high CPU usage, blocking and low throughput, high memory footprint, memory leaks, long latency, process crashes and core dumps, and many more.

OpenResty Edge

OpenResty Edge is a distributed traffic management software product which can be used for the following use cases:

  1. Replacing Nginx, F5, or open source OpenResty as a distributed load balancer, web application firewall, and request/response rewrite layer.
  2. Build a global or regional private content distribution network (CDN) with advanced features like page rules, WAF, Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate integration, and etc.

With OpenResty Edge, one does not need to mess up with Lua or nginx.conf configurations, just with web UI configurations in a central web console.

OpenResty Showman

OpenResty Showman provides a graphical integrated environment for writing screenplay documents to automatically generating video tutorials, video courses, and many more.