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Video Tutorials

OpenResty Tutorials

Install OpenResty on Ubuntu 20.04 via apt-get

Streaming HTTP Response Output in OpenResty

Precompile Lua Modules into LuaJIT Bytecode to Speedup OpenResty Startup

Measure Execution Time of Lua Code Correctly in OpenResty

Lookup OpenResty Documentation on Terminal with restydoc

Share Data Across Requests Served by OpenResty

Install OpenResty on CentOS 8 via dnf

OpenResty's resty Command-Line Utility Demo

Write Your Own Lua Modules in OpenResty/Nginx Applications

Hello World HTTP Example in OpenResty/Nginx

OpenResty Edge

Configure HTTP basic auth in OpenResty Edge

Create Custom Dynamic Metrics in OpenResty Edge

Limit Request Rate by Custom Keys in OpenResty Edge

Gateway Config's Version Control & Release Management in OpenResty Edge

Set Different Host Headers for Upstream Requests in OpenResty Edge

Redirect to different URIs Based on Clients' Language Settings (OpenResty Edge)

Enforce the use of SSL in websites via OpenResty Edge

Issue Free SSL Certificates via Let's Encrypt in OpenResty Edge

Upload SSL Certificates for HTTPS Sites in OpenResty Edge

Purge HTTP Cache in OpenResty Edge

Enable HTTP Cache in OpenResty Edge

Set up a Simplest Reverse Proxy and Load Balancer with OpenResty Edge

OpenResty Showman

How to Auto-Generate Demo Videos for Google Search from Screenplay Docs (via OpenResty Showman)

Auto-Generate Demo Videos for Baidu Search from Screenplay Documents (in Chinese)

How We Generate Videos from Screenplay Files