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New! OpenResty is now released!
New! OpenResty is now released!
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su , 14 Aug 2019 (created 21 Jun 2011)

Below lists all the components bundled in OpenResty. All of the components can be enabled or disabled as needed.

Most of the components are enabled by default, but some are not.

DrizzleNginxModule, PostgresNginxModule, and IconvNginxModule are not enabled by default. You need to specify the --with-http_drizzle_module, --with-http_postgres_module, and --with-http_iconv_module options, respectively, to enable them while building OpenResty.

Before the release, the standard Lua 5.1 interpreter is enabled by default while LuaJIT 2.x is not. So for earlier releases, you need to explicitly specify the --with-luajit option (which is the default for to use LuaJIT 2.x.

Since the release, the standard Lua 5.1 interpreter is not supported anymore. It is vividly recommended to use OpenResty's branch of LuaJIT (already bundled and enabled by default in OpenResty releases since This fork is regularly synchronized with the upstream LuaJIT repository, receives timely fixes, and implements additional features proper to OpenResty.

3rd-party OpenResty modules contributed by the community can be found on the package server. And they can also be installed and uninstalled easily with the opm command-line utility.