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Drizzle Nginx Module

Yichun Zhang , 17 Oct 2013 (created 21 Jun 2011)

This is an nginx upstream module that talks to MySQL and/or Drizzle database servers by libdrizzle.

This ngx_drizzle module is not enabled by default. You should specify the --with-http_drizzle_module option while configuring OpenResty.

The libdrizzle C library is no longer bundled by OpenResty. You need to download the drizzle server tarball from

Latest drizzle7 release does not support building libdrizzle 1.0 separately and requires a lot of external dependencies like Boost and Protobuf which are painful to install. The last version supporting building libdrizzle 1.0 separately is 2011.07.21. You can download it from here:

When you get the drizzle7 2011.07.21 release tarball, you can install libdrizzle-1.0 like this:

tar xzvf drizzle7-2011.07.21.tar.gz
cd drizzle7-2011.07.21/
./configure --without-server
make libdrizzle-1.0
make install-libdrizzle-1.0

Please ensure that you have the python command point to a python2 interpreter. It's known that on recent Arch Linux distribution, python is linked to python3 by default, and while running make libdrizzle-1.0 will yield the following error:

File "config/pandora-plugin", line 185
    print "Dependency loop detected with %s" % plugin['name']
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
make: *** [.plugin.scan] Error 1

You can fix this by pointing python temporarily to python2.

When you install the libdrizzle-1.0 library to a custom path prefix, you can specify the libdrizzle prefix to OpenResty like this:

cd /path/to/ngx_openresty-VERSION/
./configure --with-libdrizzle=/path/to/drizzle --with-http_drizzle_module

Documentation page:

Project page:

When used in conjunction with LuaNginxModule, it is recommended to use LuaRestyMySQLLibrary instead of this one, since it is more flexible and more memory-efficient.