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ChangeLog 1.2.6

Yichun Zhang , 18 Feb 2013 (created 05 Jan 2013)

Mainline Version - 17 February 2013

  • upgraded Lua Nginx Module to 0.7.15.
    • bugfix: the original Lua VM error messages might get lost in case of Lua code crashes when user coroutines were used. thanks Dirk Feytons for the report.
    • diagnose: added more info about r->main->count to the debugging logs.
    • style: massive coding style fixes according to the Nginx coding style. The following components are bundled:
  • LuaJIT-2.0.0
  • array-var-nginx-module-0.03rc1
  • auth-request-nginx-module-0.2
  • drizzle-nginx-module-0.1.4
  • echo-nginx-module-0.42
  • encrypted-session-nginx-module-0.02
  • form-input-nginx-module-0.07
  • headers-more-nginx-module-0.19
  • iconv-nginx-module-0.10rc7
  • lua-5.1.5
  • lua-cjson-1.0.3
  • lua-rds-parser-0.05
  • lua-redis-parser-0.10
  • lua-resty-dns-0.09
  • lua-resty-memcached-0.10
  • lua-resty-mysql-0.12
  • lua-resty-redis-0.15
  • lua-resty-string-0.08
  • lua-resty-upload-0.07
  • memc-nginx-module-0.13rc3
  • nginx-1.2.6
  • ngx_coolkit-0.2rc1
  • ngx_devel_kit-0.2.18
  • ngx_lua-0.7.15
  • ngx_postgres-1.0rc2
  • rds-csv-nginx-module-0.05rc2
  • rds-json-nginx-module-0.12rc10
  • redis-nginx-module-0.3.6
  • redis2-nginx-module-0.09
  • set-misc-nginx-module-0.22rc8
  • srcache-nginx-module-0.19
  • xss-nginx-module-0.03rc9

Mainline Version - 8 February 2013

  • upgraded Srcache Nginx Module to 0.19.
    • bugfix: HEAD and conditional GET requests would still fall back to content handler execution (leading to backend accesses) even in case of a cache hit. thanks Wang Lichao for reporting this issue.
    • style: massive coding style fixes.
  • upgraded Lua Resty Upload Library to 0.07.
    • bugfix: the boundary string could not be parsed if no space was present before the boundary=xxx parameter in the Content-Type request header. thanks chenshu for reporting this issue.

Mainline Version - 3 February 2013

  • upgraded Lua Nginx Module to 0.7.14.
    • feature: implemented named subpattern support in,,, and; also added new regex option D to allow duplicate named subpattern names. thanks Ray Bejjani for the patch.
    • feature: implemented the J regex option for the PCRE Javascript compatible mode in the API. thanks lhmwzy for requesting this.
    • feature: setting ngx.header.HEADER after sending out the response headers now only produced an error message in the Nginx error logs and does not throw out a Lua exception. this should be handy for Lua development. thanks Matthieu Tourne for requesting this.
    • feature: automatic Lua 5.1 interpreter detection on OpenBSD 5.2. thanks Ilya Shipitsin for the patch.
    • refactor: when the Nginx core fails to send the "100 Continue" response in case of the "Expect: 100-continue" request header (or just running out of memory), ngx.req.read_body() will no longer throw out a "failed to read request body" Lua error but will just terminate the current request and returns the 500 error page immediately, just as what the Nginx core currently does in this case.
    • bugfix: because of the recent API behaviour changes in nginx 1.2.6+ and 1.3.9+, the "http request count is zero" alert might happen when ngx.req.read_body() was called to read the request body and Nginx failed to send out the "100 Continue" response (like client connection early abortion and etc). thanks stonehuzhan for reporting this issue.
    • bugfix: setting the "eof" argument (i.e., ngx.arg[2]) in body_filter_by_lua* for a subrequest could truncate the main request's response data stream.
    • bugfix: in body_filter_by_lua*, the "eof" argument (i.e., ngx.arg[2]) was never set in Nginx subrequests.
    • bugfix: for nginx 1.3.9+ compatibility, we return an error while using ngx.req.socket() to read the chunked request body (for now), because chunked support in the downstream cosocket API is still a TODO.
    • bugfix: for nginx 1.3.9+ compatibility, rewrite_by_lua* or access_by_lua* handlers might hang if the request body was read there, because the Nginx core now overwrites r->write_event_handler to ngx_http_request_empty_handler in its ngx_http_read_client_request_body API.
    • bugfix: for nginx 1.3.9+ compatibility, we now throw an error in ngx.req.init_body(), ngx.req.set_body_data(), and ngx.req.set_body_file() when calling them without calling ngx.req.read_body() or after calling ngx.req.discard_body().
    • bugfix: a compilation error would happen when building with an Nginx core patched by the SPDY patch 58_1.3.11 because the patch had removed a request field from the Nginx core. thanks Chris Lea for reporting this.
    • bugfix: we did not get the request reference counter (i.e., r->main->count) right when lua_need_request_body was turned on and nginx versions older than 1.2.6 or 1.2.9 were used.
    • optimize: we no longer traverse the captured body chain everytime we append a new link to it in ngx.location.capture and ngx.location.capture_multi.
    • docs: documented the ngx.quote_sql_str API.
  • upgraded Srcache Nginx Module to 0.18.
    • bugfix: we might serve a truncated srcache_fetch subrequest's response body as the cached response.
  • upgraded Echo Nginx Module to 0.42.
    • feature: the echo_after_body directive is now enabled in Nginx subrequests (again).
    • bugfix: we did not set the "last_in_chain" buffer flag when echo_after_body was used in subrequests.
  • upgraded Form Input Nginx Module to 0.07.
    • bugfix: Nginx might hang when it failed to send the "100 Continue" response for Nginx versions older than 1.2.6 (and those older than 1.3.9 in the 1.3.x series).
  • upgraded Nginx Devel Kit ot 0.2.18.
    • bugfix: various fixes for C89 compliance. also stripped some line-trailing spaces.
    • bugfix: guard macros were missing in the ndk_set_var.h header file.
    • bugfix: the ndk_string submodule failed to compile with gcc 4.6. thanks Jon Kolb for the patch.
    • bugfix: the ndk_set_var example did not use the new way in its config file. thanks Amos Wenger for the patch.
    • docs: fixes in README to reflect recent changes. thanks Amos Wenger for the patch.
  • applied Ruslan Ermilov's resolver_wev_handler_segfault_with_poll patch to the Nginx core bundled. see the related nginx-devel thread for details.
  • excluded the allow_request_body_updating patch from the Nginx core bundled.

Mainline Version - 4 January 2013

  • upgraded the Nginx core to 1.2.6.
  • upgraded Lua Nginx Module to 0.7.13.
    • bugfix: ngx.decode_args() might result in Lua string storage corruption. thanks Xu Jian for the report and Kindy Lin for the patch.
    • bugfix: using a key with underscores in ngx.header.KEY resulted in Lua string storage corruption. thanks rkearsley for reporting this issue.
    • bugfix: accessing ngx.var.VARIABLE allocated temporary memory buffers in the request memory pool, which could lead to unnecessarily large memory footprint; now it allocates such buffers via Lua GC.
    • feature: automatically detect LuaJIT 2.0 on FreeBSD by default. thanks rkearsley for the patch.
    • docs: explained why local foo = require "foo" is required for loading a Lua module. thanks rkearsley for asking.
    • docs: fixed a typo in the code sample for tcpsock:receiveuntil(). thanks Yecheng Fu for the patch.
    • docs: fixed a typo in the Lua code sample for (we forgot to add do there). thanks Guo Yin for reporting this issue.
  • upgraded Lua Resty Upload Library to 0.06.
    • optimize: use the pure lower-case form of the key content-type to index the headers table returned by ngx.req.get_headers() so as to avoid the overhead of calling the __index metamethod.
  • upgraded Srcache Nginx Module to 0.17.
    • bugfix: srcache_store would emit the misleading error message "srcache_store: skipped because response body truncated: N > 0" for HEAD requests (because a HEAD request's response never carries a body); now it just skips such responses silently. thanks Yang Jin for reporting this issue.
  • bugfix: when relative paths were used in --with-zlib=DIR, --with-libatomic=DIR, --with-md5=DIR, and --with-sha1=DIR, the build system of Nginx could not find DIR at all. thanks LazyZhu for reporting this issue.

See ChangeLog 1.2.4 for change log for OpenResty 1.2.4.x.