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ChangeLog 1.9.3

Yichun Zhang , 23 Nov 2015 (created 31 Jul 2015)

Version - 23 November 2015

  • feature: added support for compiling on Windows using the MinGW gcc toolchain to the build system. See the document for more details:
  • upgraded Lua Nginx Module to 0.9.19.
    • feature: implemented *_by_lua_block {} directives for all the existing *_by_lua directives so that we no longer have to escape special characters while inlining Lua source inside the nginx.conf file.
    • feature: now we support LuaJIT 2 on Windows (in the form of lua51.dll).
    • feature: initial fixes when being used with the new ngx_http_v2 module since nginx 1.9.5. thanks itpp16 for the patches.
    • bugfix: fixed errors and warnings with C compilers without variadic macro support.
    • bugfix: subrequest response status codes between the range 100 .. 299 (inclusive) might get lost in the return values of ngx.location.capture*() calls. thanks Igor Clark for the report.
    • bugfix: we might return the wrong shm zone in the public C API function ngx_http_lua_find_zone(). thanks qlee001 for the report.
    • bugfix: the user specified ./configure's --with-cc-opt and --with-ld-opt might override the LUAJIT_INC/LUAJIT_LIB and LUA_INC/LUA_LIB environment settings. thanks Julian Gonggrijp for the report.
    • bugfix: setting builtin request header Upgrade via ngx.req.set_header and etc might not take effect with some builtin nginx modules.
    • bugfix: setting builtin request headers Depth, Destination, Overwrite, and Date via ngx.req.set_header() and etc might not take effect at least with ngx_http_dav_module. thanks Igor Clark for the report.
    • bugfix: fixed typos due to copy&paste mistakes in some error messages.
    • bugfix: fixed one -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning when compiling with gcc -Os.
    • bugfix: use of shared dicts resulted in (unwanted) registrations of shared dict metatables on all the lightuserdata in the Lua space. thanks helloyi for the report and patch.
    • bugfix: if a 3rd-party module calls ngx_http_conf_get_module_srv_conf to fetch its current srv_conf construct in its merge_srv_conf callback, then use of init_worker_by_lua might lead to segmentation faults (the same also applied to merge_loc_conf). thanks chiyouhen for the report and patch.
    • bugfix: the if_unmodified_since "shortcut" field in ngx_http_headers_in_t was first added in nginx 0.9.2.
    • bugfix: ngx.req.clear_header/ngx.req.set_header: we did not update the shortcut fields in ngx_http_headers_in_t added since nginx 1.3.3 which may confuse other nginx modules accessing them.
    • bugfix: setting Content-Type response values including "; charset=xxx" via the ngx.header API might bypass the MIME type checks in other nginx modules like ngx_gzip. thanks Andreas Fischer for the report.
    • bugfix: typo fixes in some debug logging messages. thanks doujiang for the patch.
    • optimize: fixed the hash-table initial sizes of the cosocket metatables. thanks ops-dev-cn for the patch.
    • tests: removed the useless "use lib" directives from the Perl test files. thanks Markus Linnala for the report.
    • doc: various typo fixes from Lance Li.
    • doc: ngx.exit was not disabled within the header_filter_by_lua* context.
    • doc: a code example misses a "return". thanks YuanSheng Wang for the patch.
    • doc: ngx.var: documented the values for undefined and uninitialized nginx variables. thanks Sean Johnson for asking.
    • doc: typo fix from Tatsuya Hoshino.
  • upgraded Lua Upstream Nginx Module to 0.04.
    • feature: upstream.get_servers(server_name) now returns the server name (if any) as well, which can be the domain name if the user puts it in nginx.conf. thanks Hung Nguyen for the request.
  • upgraded Headers More Nginx Module to 0.28.
    • bugfix: fixed errors and warnings with C compilers without variadic macro support.
    • bugfix: setting (builtin) request headers Upgrade, Depth, Destination, Overwrite, and Date might not take effect in standard nginx modules like ngx_http_proxy and ngx_http_dav.
    • bugfix: when the response header Content-Type contains parameters like "; charset=utf-8", the -t MIME-List options did not work as expected at all. thanks Joseph Bartels for the report.
    • bugfix: clearing input headers If-Unmodified-Since, If-Match, and If-None-Match did not clear the builtin "shortcut" fields in ngx_http_headers_in_t which might confuse other nginx modules like ngx_http_not_modified_filter_module. The first header gets "shortcuts" fields since nginx 0.9.2 while the latter two since nginx 1.3.3.
  • upgraded Iconv Nginx Module to 0.13.
    • bugfix: HTTP 0.9 requests would turn iconv_filter into a bad unrecoverable state leading to "iconv body filter skiped" error upon every subsequent request. thanks numberlife for the report. also introduced some coding style fixes.
    • bugfix: lowered the error log level for HTTP 0.9 requests from "error" to "warn" to prevent malicious clients from flooding the error logs.
  • upgraded Lua Resty Redis Library to 0.21.
    • bugfix: the "attempt to call local new_tab (a table value)" error might happen when LuaJIT 2.0 was used and a local Lua module named "" was visible. thanks Michael Pirogov for the report.
    • doc: fixed code examples to check redis pipelined requests' return values more strictly. some commands (like hkeys and smembers) may return empty tables, which may result in nil res[1] values. thanks Dejiang Zhu for the patch.
  • upgraded Lua Resty Core Library to 0.1.2.
  • upgraded Lua Cjson Library to
    • feature: now we allow up to 16 decimal places in JSON number encoding via cjson.encode_number_precision(). thanks lordnynex for the patch.
    • bugfix: fixed the warning "inline function ‘fpconv_init’ declared but never defined" from gcc.
    • bugfix: Makefile: removed the slash (/) after $(DESTDIR) so as to support relative path values in make variable LUA_LIB_DIR.
  • upgraded Resty CLI to 0.04.
    • feature: now the resty command-line utility looks for an nginx under the directory of itself as well (for Win32 OpenResty).
    • bugfix: worked around a bug regarding temp directory cleanup in msys perl 5.8.8 (and possibly other versions of msys perl as well).
    • bugfix: ensure we append an appropriate executable file extension when testing the existence of executables on exotic systems like Win32.
  • upgraded Lua Rds Parser Library to 0.06.
    • bugfix: fixed the u_char C data type for MinGW gcc which lacks it.
    • bugfix: Makefile: added an explicit .c -> .o rule to help MinGW make.
    • bugfix: Makefile: removed the slash (/) after $(DESTDIR) so as to support relative path values in make variable LUA_LIB_DIR.
  • upgraded Lua Redis Parser Library to 0.12.
    • bugfix: Makefile: added an explicit .c -> .o rule to help MinGW make.
    • bugfix: Makefile: removed the slash (/) after $(DESTDIR) so as to support relative path values in make variable LUA_LIB_DIR.
  • upgraded Rds Csv Nginx Module to 0.07.
    • bugfix: fixed compilation errors with MinGW gcc on Win32.
    • bugfix: fixed errors and warnings with C compilers without variadic macro support.
  • upgraded LuaJIT to v2.1-20151028:
    • imported Mike Pall's latest changes:
      • limit number of arguments given to io.lines() and fp:lines().
      • ARM64: fix __call metamethod handling for tail calls.
      • FFI: Do not propagate qualifiers into subtypes of complex.
      • feature: parse binary number literals (0bxxx).
      • fix NYICF error message.
      • properly handle OOM in trace_save().
      • ARM64: add support for saving bytecode as object files.
      • ARM64: fix ELF bytecode saving.
      • feature: parse Unicode string escape \u{XX...} .
      • FFI: add ssize_t declaration.
      • fix unsinking check.
      • feature: add collectgarbage("isrunning").
      • flush symbol tables in jit.dump on trace flush.

Version - 12 August 2015

  • upgraded the Nginx core to 1.9.3.
  • bugfix: ./configure --help: fixed the usage text for the --with-debug option. thanks Kipras Mancevičius for the report.
  • bugfix: link failures with OpenSSL might happen on 64-bit Mac OS X when the ./configure option --with-openssl=PATH was used and the OpenSSL source was recent enough. thanks grasses for the report.
  • upgraded Postgres Nginx Module to 1.0rc7.
    • feature: fixed compilation errors with nginx 1.9.1+. thanks Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov for the original patch. See ChangeLog 1.7.10 for change log for OpenResty 1.7.10.x.